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A to Z of Course Selection and Career Planning

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Analysis of child's personality for career choice

Every individual is different in physical, mental and psychological makeup. One course cannot be suitable for all; hence there is stratification in our society. It helps each individual to work according to their capacities.

In this site we have grouped courses according to 20 personality types. It can be used for course choice. By using this an evaluation is possible for best possible course selection.

  1. Analytical
  2. Articulate
  3. Artistic
  4. Athletic
  5. Careful
  6. Commanding
  7. Conceptual
  8. Constructive
  9. Critical
  10. Expressive
  11. Gracious
  12. Helpful
  13. Imaginative
  14. Logical
  15. Mathematical
  16. Methodical
  17. Observant
  18. Practical
  19. Stable
  20. Troubleshooter

Question is how to mitigate the confrontation between children aspirations and economic realities of present times. World is currently facing unemployment, unrestrained exploitation of natural resources, big debts, currency devaluation, inflation, lower consumption levels, increase in cost of living and growing poverty. These problems are being faced by the parents who are looking to safeguard interests of their children.

Children should understand their parent's point of view and use their experience for their course selection. It would be ideal if parent and children sit and plan career goals in an cordial atmosphere, where both of them understand and respect each other view point.

How to solve course selection puzzle

Course choice is a difficult puzzle and it is often neglected by parents and taken lightly by children. Need for proper career planning is missing in both of them.

Parents are unable to recognize true potential of their children. There is clash between them. Parents often advice their children to discard their aspirations in favor of long term financial security. Many of the children accept their parent's verdict and follow the path shown. Some opt to follow their aspirations without the support of their parents.

In both the cases child ultimately looses. In first case when they disregard their aspirations, they would feel lifelong pinch of not following their dreams. In second case without parent's financial support, they would not be able to reach their destination and end their race in the middle. It is very important that parent should only show that path to their children which matches or is close to their child's aspiration. In this situation both are gainers in long term career planning.

Career Planning and 10 things parents must do before taking decision for their children

Career planning is more important than buying a house or a car or any other article of need. Research is required to take an informed decision. But before going for searching a course a parent must do following 10 things as follows -

  1. Know interest of child by positively interacting with him.
  2. Know personality of child by observing their activities.
  3. Check reputation of shortlisted colleges regarding education, placement and general campus environment.
  4. Know competition level for admission in college and what preparation child must do to get admission.
  5. Plan for finances required for doing course.
  6. Evaluate job market for selected course.
  7. Search specific job responsibilities from job portal.
  8. Note all soft skills required in job apart from course done.
  9. Check enthusiasm in children for jobs which they will get after course completion.
  10. Finally get the career plan checked by a non partisan career expert.

If a wrong decision is taken while course selection then career planning becomes very difficult and student finds difficult to break a vicious circle of mistakes which follow. For further reference read - Careers After 10 + 2



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